One does not have to be a physicist to know that Albert Einstein is closely associated with the lambda particle and the photon as well as the void/vacuum of space.  Approximately eleven years after Einstein presented the theorem on special relativity he modified this theory generating the theorem of general relativity and introducing the cosmological constant.  This link examines the possible connection of these theorems and their dynamics as could be utilized by the Blue Beam hoax in generating a void/vacuum-like cell [constructed as a 3rd space dimension utilized in the theorems of Albert Einstein] in which the first matter of the consciousness of a select target audience, or what is its thought, would be overlaid with electro-magnetic frequencies containing spurious information

 All of space or 96% of it constitutes the above mentioned exotic energy in the form of what is called or identified as dark energy/dark matter which is described as uniformly filling all of the cosmos.  The amount of space left over would equate 4% in the form of light (baryonic frequencies), altogether totaling 100%, content-wise, of the universe.  

In quantum physics baryonic frequencies are thought to be the smallest constituent of matter called quarks.  Quarks make up the components of electro-magnetic radiation idealized as frequencies of light.  These frequencies can manifest in the form of ELF waves, etc., and as per the protocols/doctrines of Blue Beam these would contain information content transmitted.  This information as light overlaid atop the first matter of dark energy/dark matter's consciousness or its thought reflects upon the secret behind illuminati, i.e., illumination or enlightenment, or what otherwise references the ability to see within darkness and thus control its energy.

The Forbidden Secrets of Spacetime, a.k.a.


Our normal mental perception is supposedly 3-dimensional (2 dimensions of space and 1 dimension of time).  It is said that Einstein’s revised 1905 theorem, special relativity [photonic dynamics within the void/vacuum], now called the general theory of relativity or cosmological constant, i.e., lambda (1916), proposed that space and time are not separate entities, but were smoothly linked and part of a larger whole he called the spacetime continuum.  The secret of this continuum's existence would simply be based upon the insertion of an extra dimension of space into our brain's sense perceptions that would allow for the blending of our normal perception of one dimension of time and two dimensions of space, to be conscrued as a three spatial (space) dimension concept with the dimension of time excluded, a.k.a. the end-times or what would be the inability to discern time in any given dynamic event.  

Quite simply, as based upon the structure of these relativity theorems, any observer or measurer within the void/vacuum could not conceivably be able to discern or distinguish the time and space dimension or their difference from each other.

The forbidden secret behind the above is that an extra space dimension inserted into the collective perception of the select target audience would actually exist as the void/vacuum itself, separated from the reality of the norm being 1 time dimension and 2 space dimensions.  What makes the above confusion possible is that whether it is a combination of space, space, space or time, space, space, one of these space dimensions would actually exist as the extra space dimension, utilized in Einstein's theorems, formulated as a void/vacuum-like cell (the cell Edgar spoke of said to containing the creative forces of the human form [Cayce link]). 

Cosmologists believe that gravity plays a significant role in what is in effect the perception of the mind's inability to judge or distinguish time from space due to gravity’s said ability to distort both aspects of spacetime (time and space) and any dynamic event [any event occurring within the vacuum].  As per the theory of general relativity [as explained in the book The Edge of the Unknown by James Trefil-Pg. 59], the warping [distorting] of spacetime is thought to occur as a result of gravity. 

What the above actually explains is the inability of the first matter of consciousness [mind] to distinguish [differentiate] its own thoughts or perception from those generated via the speed of light and its transmission of information overlay.  The above alludes to what are some of the secrets, correlative to the protocols/doctrines of the Blue Beam project concerning the generation of a void/vacuum or nirvana mind-state, i.e., of being 'lifted up' (Blue Beam link). 

Within this void/vacuum an increased velocity of the speed of light [the photon called the messenger particle] would theoretically generate an increased rapidity of information [the projection of light into the consciousness or first matter of dark energy/dark matter [so as to explain it] thus replacing its first matter or perception of itself and all events around it.  An increase in the velocity or speed of light would thus create a change in mass, dimension, and time (within the void/vacuum) generating a distortion [of both aspects of space time] within the mind’s perception whose equation is the inability of the source/observer to discern the qualities inherent of time and space.  This would in turn create a perpetual cycle of the disinclination of the source or observer [select target audience] towards motion, action, or change, e.g., so as to be unconscious.

As per the protocols/doctrines said to be employed by Blue Beam, correspondent to Einstein's theorems, what this means is that any dynamics event, i.e., the proposed time line surrounding the biblical second coming, as opposed to the appearance of Nostradamus's evil entity as well as Blue Beam's New Messiah, could not be differentiated by the first matter of the select target audience within the vacuum.

The rendering of the terms void and vacuum highlight what is the condition of the mind-set of the select target audience within the spacetime continuum: a space empty of matter; a state of emptiness; a void; a state of being sealed off.  The term void is rendered as much the same: said to contain no matter, empty, not occupied, the black void of space for example. 

Unbelievably all the above would constitute the impetus behind the Blue Beam hoax or what is a blueprint designed to gain control over 96% of the universe manufacturing the idealization of a New World Order as generated from dark energy/dark matter or what is in fact Blue Beam's select target audience. 

Nostradamus's quatrain 243 reflects upon the above as it concerns this energy which he described as a "Great power" and highlights the select target audience that it would be derived from.

Blue Beam's select target audience would primarily be composed of the descendants of slaves in America.  On a sociological level, as per the Blue Beam connection, Einstein’s relativity theorems would induce a conditioning upon the American psyche, reflective its collective rasist attitudes [conditioned into the mindset of the “multi-genic field, i.e., George Bush's United Nations, including whites, foreign nationals, and their American-born offspring], to continue on unchanged, as in static state.  These attitudes projected into the mind-set of the select target audience would set the stage for a conditioning that would generate a constant and independent bombardment of light (also idealized as spurious information projected from the minds of Bush's United Nations (traveling as electro-magnetic frequencies) which would theoretically generate a state of inertia or unconscious within the select target audience.  This would theoretically generate the transfer of a great energy (the first matter of consciousness [dark energy/dark matter]) representing 96% of the universe.

The secret behind these theories is that they actually blueprint what is the ability to generate a perception imposed upon the mind, as a reality, via the manipulation or bending and acceleration of what Einstein termed star light, and that this perception would exist as a reality within this extra space dimension composed of a vacuum-like state.  

As stated, this would take place within the human brain itself, specifically within the area connected to powerful behavioral control centers which include the substantia nigra, pineal gland, pituitary glands, and limbic system, or what is otherwise alchemically corresponds to dark energy/dark matter.  Cosmologically, reflective of alchemy, subduing the first matter generated by this area would constitute control over 96% of the universe by 4% in the form light.  

Alchemically sulphur (the 2nd stage of the work called the xanthosis or yellowing) ["our stone" as the philosophers called it] is idealized as the opposite in consciousness and thus it was thought to embody the soul [its seat].  This sulfur was thought not to be identical with yellow sulfur, but a "philosophical sulfur" endowing things with color and combustion.  

This color and combustion actually reflects upon what is the understanding of a vividness and feeling of realness utilized in recreating a reality within a void/vacuum state.  This philosophical light formulated as the cosmos themselves (sulphur, along with Mercury and salt), harbored within the brain (dark energy/dark matter area--3rd and 4th ventricle) and responding to electro-magnetic frequencies such as ELF wave, etc., generates the ideal of communication with the divine [or spirit-to-spirit communication].

The alchemical correspondence of the tria prima expresses what is the secret of philosophical light as sulphur [Desulphur] and the ideal of its generation of the dynamics of the soul/mind ('defining the human identity') along with what are known as ‘clears’ specifically 3 being clairvoyance (inner sense of vision), clairaudience (inner sense of hearing), and clairsentience (inner sense of touch).  These 3 inner senses correlate directly to the 3rd eye and its vision of spirit as a body of light. 

What can be described as para-normal activity reflects upon some of the effects experienced from within the void/vacuum by the select target audience the result of the constant and independent speed of light and its transmission of information via photonic dynamics. 

This idea of spirit-to-spirit communication corresponds to another dynamic of Blue Beam or what is, "telepathic and electronically augmented two-way communication where ELF, VLF and LF waves will reach each person from within his or her own mind, convincing each of them that their own god is speaking to them from the very depths of their own soul."  These waves are said to then, "interlace with their natural thinking to form what we call diffuse artificial thought" [neuro-transmission input/output].   

The above highlights the ancient forbidden secrets concerning the idealized control of 96% of the universe or cosmos, in the form of dark energy/dark matter or its first matter as consciousness, by light.  (Click back to top and Blue Beam link).

Appreciation is given for citation acknowledgement of usage of the information compiled on this website:  The point of focus utilizing the Cayce and Nostradamus prophecies to reveal the true origination of the Blue Beam hoax, as well as the last origin of the blueprint of its electro-magnetic conditioning dynamics--correlative to Einstein's theorems--as spoken of by both prophets, highlighting the secrets of the spacetime passage of 1,000/1,200 years in a 100-year period of time, in which the displacement of an electro-magnetic entity into our here and now perception occurs, generating a manufactured Platonic Age's ending and New World Order.   If this information has been helpful to you, please donate!  Contact us at

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