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This website documents what are secrets deemed "forbidden" concerning an ancient doctrine having to do with the processes involved in an attempt to continuate control over 96% of the universe (dark energy/dark matter) by a percentage of light (4% in the form of baryonic frequencies [electro-magnetic]).  This ancient formulation is shown to reference dark flesh or the first matter of its consciousness (thought) and its overlay by these frequencies, highlighting what are the forbidden secrets behind the pulling of the greatest hoax of all time--the "end of days" and the fabled "second coming"!

The above exposes the true reality behind the New World Order and the NASA Blue Beam project's manufactured New Messiah entity [spurious messiah], and what concerns the generating of a game or sport as a hoax which actually entails the capturing of a freed energy in the universe and its re-enslavement the success of which would generate a New World Order likened as a 1,000-year rule.   

There are several projects in NASA's Black Book catalog.  The protocols and doctrines of one project in particular, Blue Beam (labeled a hoax), are shown to code for what is actually an attempt to continuate such a control as mentioned above whose equation would summate a New World Order.  

The blueprint of this hoax's origination is highlighted as stemming from writings published over 456 years ago, as contained within the prophecies of Nostradamus, as occurring in our current time.  The dynamics involved in Blue Beam's protocols/doctrines are also shown to have been described by the man called the "sleeping prophet" named Edgar Cayce.  All of these particular prophecies highlight past and present events concerning the re-initiation (over 100 years ago) of ancient doctrines having to do with the manipulation of time and space [shown to have been prophecized by Nostradamus as pertaining to several theorems of Albert Einstein as well as the period of their introduction--1905 forward to 2005 referencing a 'long century'.

The success of this manipulation would confirm the re-continuation of the control over dark energy/dark matter, with the ethereal passing of 1,000/1,200 years in a 100-year period (1905-2005) [Einstein link], generating in its wake a "New World Order."  

All of the above is coded in a speech given by former president George W. Bush (see below).  This and much, much more has been gathered and presented in this ground-breaking site.

The coded understanding referencing such a control is spoken of from the lips of former president George Bush Sr. which can be seen and heard via the YouTube video (at right) and regards a NEW WORLD ORDER...."A world where the rule of law, not the law of the "jungle" governs the conduct of nations." 

As based upon alchemy, Mr Bush is actually speaking of the implementation of a plan which would allow the re-continuation of the control over what cosmologically summates 96% of the contents of the universe formulated as the nomos or meta-physical laws of the first matter of consciousness (thought) and its manifestation energy through dark flesh, or what Bush termed as 'the law of the jungle'.   Cutting-off this consciousness energy would allow for 'the rule of law governing the conduct of nations' thus generating a "NEW WORLD ORDER."  

The science of alchemy regards the transmutation of dark energy/dark matter, idealized as the very substance of the elements themselves, into light as incorruptible spirit created from a so-called base state.

In the book Alchemy and Psychology this base state is described as "black, blacker than black (nigrum nigrius nigro)" and thought of as the "black, magically fecund earth that Adam took with him from Paradise" and "the black earth in which the gold or the lapis [monad] is sown like the grain of wheat."   

Corresponding to what is the 1st stage of the 'work' this base state's prime allusion is to "massa confusa" or "chaos" referencing the alchemical separation (solutio, separatio, diviso, putrefactio) of the elements said to generate a "union of opposites"  in the likeness of a "union of male and female" and thus through a division comes the understanding of it being as a quality of itself.  This process is termed the coniugium, matrimonium, coniuncio, coitus... and it is said to be, "followed by the death of the product of the union (morificatio, calcinatio, putrefactio) and a corresponding nigredo."  

The above stage is actually describing the process of gleaning consciousness or its first matter as thought from dark energy/dark matter.  This process description continues with,  "Then will appear in the bottom of the vessel the mighty Ethiopian, burned, calcined, discoloured, altogether dead and lifeless [until the black head bearing the resemblance of the Ethiopian is well washed and begins to turn white…]"  In this burning called the ‘bath of rebirth’ [referencing a transmutation] he is said to take a new name, "the natural sulphur [obscured 2nd stage--the rubedo, xanthosis or sun condition] and their son [albedo/moon condition--3rd stage]," as called by the philosophers, and idealized as their stone.  [This philosophical sulphur has a correspondence to light (see Einstein link).]

The very name Ethiopia uncovers the alchemical secret behind the understanding of sulphur and its ability to impose unconscious upon the the first matter or thought of dark energy/dark matter, illustrative of the above, for instance: e = energy, and thi = the removal of oxygen and its replacement with sulphur [bringing about unconsciousness], and as well, the suffix o-pi-a reflects upon the term "opine" or what references a most ancient melanic amino-acid.  All together the above codes for what is a metaphysical blueprint of the overlay of the consciousness manifestation dynamics of an ancient amino-acid [the alpha (a)], manifesting the 2nd stage or xanthosis (yellowing or rubedo), which would then be designated the first, "a mimicking of the deity", and the last, or the infinity called the alpha and omega [the stone of the philosophers]. The above link details the genetic biological origin of this entity as a mutation, via the mathematical computation of the elements of the I-Fa Oracle, and its formation as the generatrix/creatrix of the soul/mind or material universe of man. 

The above reflects upon what is a reversal of the magnetic poles of humanity and their separation by pi [o-pi-a] and what is in fact a blueprint whose written diagrams regards the arcane secrets behind the ability to control the consciousness of dark energy/dark matter with philosophical light (idealized as the 2nd and 3rd stages of the work) via the instituting of chaos.

In the written mythology of most cultures the condition called chaos, as in the above, is the precusor leading to their individual creation epics (idealized as the ordering of their respective worlds).  Chaos is defined as formless primordial space, the disordered state of uniform matter and infinite space supposed in some cosmogonic views to have existed before the ordered universe; a great disorder or confusion, also an abyss; a chasm.

The Forbidden Secrets Series highlights the Blue Beam hoax's role in attempting to generate chaos within the American psyche and specifically within segments of the population, through utilization of electro-magnetic frequencies, generating anomolous behavior in particular peoples and individuals manufacturing what can be described as a disordered state within uniform matter and infinite space, or what otherwise describes "black chaos" and from this the generation of a New World Order.

A quote by Sir Isaac Newton, circa 1666, entitled "Out of Darkness" aptly summaries what is the direct reasoning behind the need or desire of a reign over dark energy/dark matter by light and as well how this control is generated from what he termed 'black chaos'.  

The above mentioned illumination of matter actually references the overlay of the thought or first matter (consciousness) of dark energy/dark matter, or what would equate thought formulated as consciousness [intellect] gleaned from the darkness of Newton's 'black chaos'.  This substance is identified as "our chaos" in the book Alchemy-The Secret Art by S.K. De Rola and described as, "the state of the world at the beginning of Genesis… a microcosmic reconstitution of the process of creation, in other words a re-creation."

As it regards the idea of creation and the recreation of it (IN THE MIND OF MAN), as illustrated in the above quote, Mr. Newton is actually paraphrasing the biblical Genesis epic, i.e, darkness upon the face of deep (Gen. 1:2) and the creating of light from it (Gen. 1:4) as well as the separating of the earth, from the water and the heavens (Gen. 1:6-9).  The second part of his quote also explains man's attempt or 'work' in remanufacturing this creation, and "so our work brings forth the beginning [light] out of black chaos...." [dark energy/dark matter].

By way of the implementation of the conditioning protocols/doctrines of the NASA Blue Beam project the generation of this black chaos identified as 'our chaos' would be attempted, reflective of the 'work' or 'opus', generating what is termed a "new age religion" or New World Order headed by an entity called "the New Messiah" manufactured via the use of electro-magnetic means in the conditioning of components of the American psyche; the "multi-genic field" (multi-cultural groups), as well as a "select target audience" within the American public. 

Several of Nostradamus prophecies speak of the reason why the need for Blue Beam's attempted generation of a chaotic mind-set within the American psyche, illustrative of chaos' definition, and as well they highlight a specific time frame in which Blue Beam's protocols/doctrines would be in effect.  

Jean DeFontbrune, author of Doomsday--Countdown to Apalcolype--Nostradamus, translates this quatrain as "dominion returned or changed to dusky nations" or Black nations.   

This prophecy and others reveal what would in fact regard the ending of a period of time which would necessitate the need to reestablish the control over dark energy/dark matter, "the law of the jungle", by "the law of nations", as Bush called it.

Nostradamus knew that the control over this dark energy/dark matter (slavery) had a cyclic expiration date and his prophecies actually concern these dates as well as its last incarnation which would take place upon American soil and within the America psyche.  

This understanding attests the reasoning for the need to reestablish the control over dark energy/dark matter.  

The powers that blueprinted America (circa 1497), 279 years before its independence as a nation (1776), would have been acutely aware of this expiration date.  

This revelation as a fact is proven within another prophecy of Nostradamus (see below). 

These prophecies are thought to speak of America (the great empire) and of an entity identified as the dark one [Nostradamus's evil entity and Blue Beam's New Messiah?] who is given control over a great power that comes from "slaves" [Blue Beam's select target audience] for over 400 years.  

This power codes for the first matter of dark energy/dark matter or its consciousness, and as clearly stated, this energy would be under the control of this entity for more than 400 years, or what would be, as it regards America's formation, from the establishment of the Jamestown colony (1607) to 2007 and into our present time (see Einstein link).  This prophecy reveals what is an expiration timeline in which a power or energy or control over it (for over 400 years) would have ended.

Amaszingly the above prophecies are in line with Blue Beam's hoax of some 'great expectancy' slated to occur, the end of days, second coming, etc., or what would manifest as the idea of a transfer of empire (America), also translated as 'dominion', being returned, changed or transferred to the Black race within a specific time frame [Obama?], but whose reality would entail much, much, more.  

The following links (top of page at right) highlight the Blue Beam hoax in prophecy or rather its conditioning protocols and the dynamics behind them, and their correlation to the alchemical generation of none other than the dark dragon as light, i.e., lux or Lucifer, [Xi-Tien, a.k.a. Satan - Blue Beam's New Messiah, and whose prophectic correspondence reflects upon the subatomic particle/antiparticle called the photon/lambda as introduced in the theorems of Albert Einstein (1905-2005) whose time frame covers Nostradamus's 'long century' and the return of the time of an evil entity.  (Click back to top and Nostradamus link.) 

Appreciation is given for citation acknowledgement of usage of the information compiled on this website:  The point of focus utilizing the Cayce and Nostradamus prophecies to reveal the true origination of the Blue Beam hoax, as well as the last origin of the blueprint of its electro-magnetic conditioning dynamics--correlative to Einstein's theorems--as spoken of by both prophets, highlighting the secrets of the spacetime passage of 1,000/1,200 years in a 100-year period of time, in which the displacement of an electro-magnetic entity into our here and now perception occurs, generating a manufactured Platonic Age's ending and New World Order.   If this information has been helpful to you, please donate!  Contact us at

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