Is it possible that seventy-nine years prior to the event of the Blue Beam hoax Edgar Cayce prophecized of it as well as describing in detail some of the dynamics that would be utilized in its conditioning protocols/doctrines.  Cayce's descriptions and details are very similar to those mentioned in the Blue Beam report.  The sleeping prophet, like Nostradamus, even told of a time when we would, in our mind, think or perceive the ethereal and actualized return of the biblical entity, which would enact a 1,000-year rule.  

Several of his readings detail dynamics that allude to a type of devise such as Einstein's cosmological constant (the lambda/photon) as a portal or gate generator in which an entity travels within the body to an area of the brain itself [area of the 3rd and 4th ventricle which inlcudes the pineal gland, pituitary glands, limbic system, substantia nigra, etc., distorting its time and space (spacetime) perception and generating 2-3 dimensional mental holographic images and audio (telepathy or thought transmission and reception) whose dynamics resemble ELF waves.

The Forbidden Secrets of Telepathy:

In another of the Cayce readings (228)-29, dated 4/16/32, he states, "In this particular body -through which this [electro-magnetic entity], at present is emanating, the gland with its thread known as the pineal gland is the channel along which same then operates, and with the subjugation of the consciousness-physical consciousness--there arises, as it were, a cell from the creative forces within the body to the entrance of the conscious mind or brain, operating along or traveling along that of the thread or cord [spinal] as when severed separates the physical [salt], the soul [sulphur] or the spiritual body [Mercury]." 

In these prophecies and others Cayce is actually describing the dynamics associated with the effects of special and general relativity, as explained in both the Nostradamus and Einstein links, or what is light formed of baryonic frequencies moving as a cell into the area of the 3rd and 4th ventricle of the brain [the entrance of the mind or brain] alchemically idealized as dark energy/dark matter, from ascending/descending routes along the spinal cord, causing inertia within.  This inertia would generate the breeding ground (3rd spatial or space dimension) manufacturing an alternate reality in a now voided or vacuum-like mind-set containing the unconscious first matter of dark energy/dark matter under the control of a photonic-lambda entity within a spacetime continiuum.

Cayce's thought that the mind and the soul were one dimension of the other.  Through many of his readings he explains how this duality, that he called the "Entity", as a soul projects its reality [light as reason] through the use of the mind giving us what is called, "a formula for creation of reality."  According to Cayce’s perspective the consciousness of the mind would be viewed somewhat like "a projection of the soul" [holography] and thus the reality that we’d experience would be like a dream, "upon an invisible movie screen."    

Could this duality reference the meshing of dimensions (with the insertion of a 3rd) to form Einstein's spacetime continiuum?  The photon is its own antiparticle whose forbidden secret is as the lambda or constant.  Their dynamics as a 3rd space dimension generator references a cell described by Cayce below as an entity formed from the creative forces within the body itself.

Cayce provides a bird's eye view into the inner workings of a soul-like electro-magnetic entity [photon/lambda as a duality of one] and its use in generating 'our chaos' from the creative forces [dark energy] within the body [dark matter] itself [energy of the vacuum].

The body’s nervous system, alchemically speaking, has been blueprinted in ancient and past times to facilitate the idea of a communications system in the same way a telephone system or radio works.  There are several systems composing the body’s overall nervous system which work to send messages in the form of tiny electrical signals or pulses along bundles of long, wire-like structures.  The central nervous system consisting of the brain, brain stem and spinal cord is the site of thoughts, feelings emotions desires, ideas, and memories [and thus idealized as the seat of the soul], and of course, the spinal cord links the brain to many parts of the body.

The central nervous system utilizes electro-magnetic impuses in order to operate.  It consists of the brain, brain stem and the spinal cord (see at right), and the peripheral nervous system, which comprises 12 pairs of cranial nerves, 31 pairs of spinal nerves, and the sympathetic and parasympathetic subdivisions of the autonomic nervous system, and 33 vertebrae.  The autonomic nervous system is said to be a division of the peripheral nervous system that, second by second, automatically controls involuntary functions in the human body… regardless of variations in internal or external conditions.

As shown above, the 5th through 8th channels (numbered above at the facial area) combine to generate the 9th [cranial parasympathetic outflow].  

This blueprint actually details what is the movement of a cell-like entity [anciently called the Kundalini serpent] from the 10th channel up into the brain and thus into 5th thru 8th forming the 9th.  These channels represent some aspects of the Hindu chakra system.  The 5th through 8th channel combine to form the ajana chakra, i.e, the 3rd eye, as the 6th chakra [or what is illustrative of cranial parasympathetic outflow or the 9th channel.

 Edgar Cayce gives us an acute understanding of what, 79 years into the future [1932 to 2011], would be some of the mechanics behind the very doctrines of the NASA Black Book Project call Blue Beam pertaining to the propagation of neuro-transmissions of the 3rd kind into and out of the pineal gland, etc., by way of a cell-like [photon/lambda] entity generating phenomena identical to clairvoyancy and likened to the 3rd eye.

Unbelieveably Edgar Cayce details a blueprint corresponding to the understandings echoed in the tenants of the NASA Blue Beam Project, or what is the the human body and its use as a devise (antenna-like) for 3rd-kind transmission, and reception of information through the process of 3-D mental holography and audio, ELF-wave like frequencies generating the impression of telepathy and telekinesis and other paranormal activity.

This next prophecy allows us to see just where the Blue Beam hoax blueprint originated in part from.

 Edgar Cayce provides a glimpse of the proposed events occurring in the timeframe of 1998.  He explains, "…we will not begin to fully understand all that the present one [age] brings until the turn of the century."  Beginning at the millennium [year 2000], he continues, "…we will see the Day of the Lord at a more completed stage, not only in our imagination, but in actuality….  Then in groups, in masses and then they shall reign of the 1st resurrection for a 1,000 years, for this will be when the changes materially come."  

 The year 1998 is given in a number of readings for the time of this event.  

By simply substituting the appearance of the biblical entity for what Blue Beam describes as an "off-world alien/merciless demon" and what Nostradamus describes as a "terrifying leader" it can easily be seen that the prophecies of these two gentlemen are the blueprint for the Blue Beam hoax.

The statement "not only in our imagination" actually references the ideal of a conditioning, very likely utilizing an electro-magnetic entity formed of frequencies, ELF, etc.,, generating psychoses corresponding to the effects of the conditioning protocols/doctrines employed by the Blue Beam hoax.

The above reflects upon the initial effects of the Blue Beam project [so as to be within our imaginations first] by 1998 and after the success of this, the psychoses of its actuality as a programmed reality whose time frame would be 2000 and beyond.

In this time Cayce mentions that mechanical devices for communication with God will become unnecessary.  He states that, "however, as not all of us will be able to "tune in" psychically [thus], the invention of a "universal radio" will be perhaps as important to us as television is now."  His thoughts were that man would not develop at the same pace, "and some will even prefer the "cosmic sets" as being more "scientific," more accurate receivers than mental ones."     

This technology Edgar Cayce termed as ‘cosmic sets’ actually has to do with Blue Beam’s use of ancient doctrine and religious dogma concerning the occult mysticism of the Star of Judea [star of creation] as a universal mind [a many-pointed star].  Such ancient technologies conform to what could be idealized as a "collective universal   mind" and is described by Edgar Cayce as "a many-pointed star" in which each individual is connected to one of these points facilitating the effect of a universal mind in which all individuals are on the same frequency so that all would be in receipt of the same information that is transmitted by this devise.  [Ervin Laszlo "The Global Brain".]

Two difference understandings would evolve from the above in an attempt of the individual to attain what could be called a positive vibration (quanta) with which to transmit or receive information.  Those utilizing mental sets would seemingly be constantly imposed upon by those projecting the New World Order conditioned American psyche [whether against their will or by choice] through utilization of the cosmic sets. 

This devise is spoken of by Cayce but under the idea of our developing psychic powers in the same way we have developed our senses.  He stated that, "The individuals of this plane [aerial] will and are developing this [ability] as the senses were and are developed."  [The covert conditioning of the American public through the Blue Beam hoax?]

Cayce also predicted that this ability would be developed in the Aquarian Age [referencing the millennial year 2000] and that it would be akin to a "mental radio."  Alchemically this mental radio corresponds to what Nicola Tesla was attempting to build in the late 1800's.

As it regards the above, in 4/21/41 Cayce gave a reading [281-53 F] in which he stated, "In your radio you have what you call an aerial for communications that are without any visible connection.  This is not a part of that making up the framework yet it is necessary for certain characters of reception or for the better distribution of that which takes place in the instrument as related to communication itself."

He goes on to explain that in the physical body the "aerial activity is the flow through the pineal to and through all centers [autonomic/peripheral nervous system, etc.]" aiding the individual, or "is an effective activity for the individual who may consciously attempt to attune, coordinate, or to bring about perfect accord, or to keep a balance in that attempting to be reached or attained through the process…."  

 "...Understand the processes of activity through which there are the needs of the aerial in reception.  For, of course, it is a matter of vibration in the body, as well as that illustrated in the physical condition."

Cayce is without doubt explaining how the human body could be used to facilitate the activity of a radio, or better even, how Blue Beam would employ its protocols/doctrines.

Cayce felt that the conscious mind and its sensory system collapsed down to a single sense.  He called it a "sixth sense" [which has been proven to respond to electro-magnetism] and described it as most closely resembling hearing.  This hearing corresponds to audio signals produced within the mind via the transmission of ELF waves.  These were claimed to be utilized in the conditioning protocols of the Blue Beam project.  Namely that a devise could generate the physical feeling that god or others were speaking to individuals from within the very depths of their souls.

Penetration into the areas of the brain, via the use of ambient noise would be accomplished via major appliances, etc., reflects upon several technologies one of which utilizes ambient noise is called EVP (electronic voice phenomenon).  Its phenomena includes what is the recording of disemboded voices, alluded to as "communication with the dead" [as a conveyance of information] generated via an energy field [electro-magnetic frequencies] and its interference with devices that rely upon other energy fields, e.g., radio or tape recordings, cell phones, T.V., etc., [and even airplanes as well as roadway noises].

Experience in speaking to the disembodied voice of the dead is also called ITC.  Its phenomena displays the suggestion of coherence and connection with a mind that is no longer associated with a living brain and body, in other words, "we can be in touch with people who have already died", e.g., communication beyond the grave.

The above prophecies aptly predict what is illustrative of Blue Beam’s technology specifically its machinery generating elf-wave like neuro-transmissions and their associated phenomena, e.g., electronic and supernatural forces [Satanic ghosts].

All of the above as revealed by Edgar Cayce conforms to the tenants, protocols and doctrines employed by the Blue Beam hoax.  Is it possible that this hoax itself is a product of both the prophecies of Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce?  

Amaszingly the time frame in which this conditioning would take place, by an entity transmuted into our here and now perception, is documented within the sacred geometric structure called the cosmic 3rd eye or Vesica Pisces (the womb of Christ).  (Click back to top and Vesica Pisces link).  

Appreciation is given for citation acknowledgement of usage of the information compiled on this website:  The point of focus utilizing the Cayce and Nostradamus prophecies to reveal the true origination of the Blue Beam hoax, as well as the last origin of the blueprint of its electro-magnetic conditioning dynamics--correlative to Einstein's theorems--as spoken of by both prophets, highlighting the secrets of the spacetime passage of 1,000/1,200 years in a 100-year period of time, in which the displacement of an electro-magnetic entity into our here and now perception occurs, generating a manufactured Platonic Age's ending and New World Order.   If this information has been helpful to you, please donate!  Contact us at

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