A paragraph from the book Psychology and Alchemy by the eminent psychoanalyst, C.G. Jung, best illustrates what is the true meaning or secret behind illuminati or what is the ancient understanding behind the control over dark energy/dark matter (96% of the universe) by light (4%).

The Forbidden Secrets of Illuminati:

This complete projected theory of human character actually references what is the ability to overlay the consciousness, i.e., its thoughts and ideas (present and future) generated within the brain, specifically the area of the 3rd and 4th ventricle concerned with powerful behavioral control centers and this being illustrative of the manipulation and control over dark flesh alchemically idealized as dark energy/dark matter cosmologically measured as 96% of the universe (Einstein link). 

The prophecies of Nostradamus reflect the above understanding as coded within the infamous quatrain 243 referencing the 'dark one', a.k.a. the dragon, also described as 'the evil one', and an energy or great power derived from dark flesh described as slaves (HOME link) for over 400 years or what otherwise references illuminati and the  creation of the American psyche (1607 to the present totaling 404 years).

The Indo-European root word for dark (as in the dark one) plainly reveals just what illuminati defines:  The Indo-European root of the term dark renders ‘derk’, "to see."  Its suffixed zero-grade form is ‘drk-on(t)-’ DRAGON from Greek drakō, serpent, dragon (<"monster with the evil eye.") [Pokorny derk 213] 

This ability to see references the above mentioned "complete projected theory of human character" and what is the ability to overlay the consciousness, i.e., its thoughts and ideas (present and future) generated within the brain, specifically the area of the 3rd and 4th ventricle concerned with powerful behavioral control centers [in order to see into the myster of darkness].

The above references what is the dragon's ability to see into the mystery of dark energy/dark matter so as to subdue it leaving it in a state of inertia equating control over it.  The term unconscious references this inertia.  Conscious is rendered as "lacking awareness and the capacity for sensory perception; [to be] not conscious," so as to be of no consequence, effect or value, insignificant; accounting to nothing; absent or nonexistent, i.e., null and void (American Heritage Dictionary, 4th Ed).  The word illuminate is rendered as "to provide or brighten with light; to make understandable; clarity; to expose or reveal by radiation; to provide intellectual or spiritual enlightenment and understanding."

As based upon Einstein's theorems, particularly special and general relativity, light projected into dark energy/dark matter generates a void mind-set making it [as an entity] unaware and incapable of sensory perception and also once inside to illuminate (program) it giving it (1) clarification, (2) providing it with intellectual or spiritual enlightenment and understanding, and (3) making it exposed or revealed by radiation.

This projected unconscious reflects upon psychoanalytic theory and what is called the division of the mind, "containing elements of psychic makeup, such as memories etc., that are not subject to conscious perception or control but that often affect conscious thoughts and behavior."

In this sense memories construed as the historical experience of matter, e.g., information existing as and within dark energy/dark matter (as its first matter), would have no conscious perception or control, and of course this would be due to the projection of unconscious [DeSulphur] into this substance/entity as well as an unknown psyche [so as to explain it].

This division of the mind reflects upon what is called diviso/separatio in the alchemical work, regarding the ability of affect the conscious thoughts and behavior [including memories] of, in this instance, Blue Beam's select target audience via modulation and calibration of electro-magnetic frequencies within the area of the 3rd and 4th ventricle of the brain.  This is one of the dynamics central to the protocols/doctrines associated with the NASA Blue Beam project.

The Blue Beam hoax examples how illuminati operates as it concerns the country of America from before its independence and after as illustrated in its collective history.  This before and after is a consistent theme within the prophecies of Nostradamus reflecting upon the material universe or mind of the American psyche (a cyclic Iron Age mentality) and its manipulation by an electro-magnetic entity before and after the hoax of Blue Beam and its covert manufacture of a new age, reality, or New World Order.  (Click here back to home page).

Appreciation is given for citation acknowledgement of usage of the information compiled on this website:  The point of focus utilizing the Cayce and Nostradamus prophecies to reveal the true origination of the Blue Beam hoax, as well as the last origin of the blueprint of its electro-magnetic conditioning dynamics--correlative to Einstein's theorems--as spoken of by both prophets, highlighting the secrets of the spacetime passage of 1,000/1,200 years in a 100-year period of time, in which the displacement of an electro-magnetic entity into our here and now perception occurs, generating a manufactured Platonic Age's ending and New World Order.   If this information has been helpful to you, please donate!  Contact us at http://www.theforbiddensecretsofthe7-daytheory.yolasite.com/contact-us/php

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