For man the tip of the mysteries of time and space or spacetime, as Einstein would have put it, have finally been glimpse.  This new view of our world would culminate in a theoretical perspective scientifically termed the "Theory of Everything" or TOE, as well as what is termed a "grand unified theory" or GUT.  These theories in their particular way explain everything from the dynamics of a subatomic entity to the formation of universes, the visible and invisible, the above and below, in short, everything around us.  In spite of this John Q. Public is without doubt beyond the last one to know just what the long-term effect of the implementation of these theories might actually entail.  The modern disciplines of quantum physics and cosmology, etc., or rather the tenants of their theorems, i.e., the dynamics of subatomic entities, holds mysteries well beyond what the general public is being fed, and "the powers that be" do not want these understandings divulged.

Is it possible that the very events of Einstein's "miracle century", before and after, are detailed in the prophecies of Nostradamus regarding a 'long century', referencing 1905 to 2005 and spacetime manipulation, i.e, the backward--fast forward movement of time?  The coding within these prophecies reveal the forbidden secrets behind the manipulation of time and space or spacetime via the understanding of the dynamics of a subatomic particle called the photon and its antiparticle opposite called lambda.  

As based upon these decoded prophecies, the details of this manipulation specifically concern the ethereal passage of 1,000/1,200 years in a 100-year period (spacetime manipulation) whose summation would equate the by-passing of the second coming/end of days/1,000-year rule [a.k.a. the Blue Beam hoax] and the manufacturing of a NEW WORLD ORDER in its place as an Aquarian-like age.

The Forbidden Secrets of the Doomsday Prophecies: 

Nostradamus speaks of Einstein's 'miracle century' as the "long century" and as well references a period 'before' Einstein's light acceleration theories, "Before the return of light" [the photon], and 'after'  the "Golden Age" [Aquarian] which of course references the condition or age that his accomplishments or work would have brought us into and out of (see next prophecy below).  

 Einstein himself is recorded as coining the term photon and blueprinting its acceleration dynamics [how time could be slowed down, and conversely speeded up, through manipulation of the velocity of light], and he won the Nobel Peace Prize (1921) for his photo-electric effect theorem [electronic energy generated from photonic light particles].  

This along with the other papers he submitted in 1905 (special relativity and its remodified version, the cosmological constant or lambda (1916), etc., are the pinnacle of what would generate Nostradamus's long century which would close by the year 2005.  The coded meaning of this long century references the ethereal passage of 1,000/1,2000 years [the 1,000-year rule] in a 100-year period.  

What Nostradamus describes as the return of the "time of the evil one" is a coded reference to the period in which Blue Beam's protocols/doctrines would be made manifest (after a long century) or after 2005 and specifically between 2000-2007 and beyond.

 Even events occurring two years after this 100-year period (1905-2005), circa 2007, are revealed by Nostradamus in this next prophecy and include what actually references psychoses occurring in this time whose behavior includes ideas regarding contact with the dead, specifically games or sports concerning a "ghostly sacrifice". 

This prophecy actually describes the condition of the societal mindset of the American psyche as a result of the Blue Beam hoax of the second coming, or what is otherwise described as the 'sports of the ghostly sacrifice' which involves ideas of 'the buried coming out of their graves'.  

The Blue Beam's hoax includes the manufacture of a ghostly entity, or satanic ghosts formed of electro-magnetic frequencies as well as a biblical-like entity called the New Messiah.

The protocols/doctrines of Blue Beam called for the "universal manifestation with electronic means" or what otherwise references the generation of what was termed "satanic ghosts" through the manipulation of electro-magnetic frequencies (Schumann resonances [7.8 Hz-ELF waves]) and their calibration to the frequencies of human brain waves generating paranormal activity (see Blue Beam link). 

 Nostradamus (Michel de Nostredame) was born on December 14, 1503, in St. Remy de Provence.  His prophecies were published in 1555.  He was considered a seer and a time traveler living in 2 realities.  The whole of this description actually reflects upon Nostradamus's understanding of the secrets behind the ability to generate an alternate dimension [3rd spatial] existing as another reality.  This is reflected in his prophecies.

A Jew of French birthright he was said to be a devout Catholic.  The family is said to have converted from Judaism to the Catholic faith by the time Nostradamus was nine years old and it is noted that, "it is important to remember the Jewish element of Nostradamus’ childhood when trying to decipher the prophecies, as he was greatly influenced by occult Jewish literature."  Part of his knowledge concerned the hermetic discipline which included Chaldean astrology.  He wrote to his son Cesar that after viewing certain books he burned them "so that none might be tempted to use occult labors in searching for the perfect transmutations whether lunar or solar, of incorruptible metals."  

His prophecies are said to have been written in the 16th century in order to depict the 20th century of which 2/3rds of the work is purportedly devoted.  The prophecies are said to end with the 7th millennium corresponding to the biblical chronology highlighting the conclusion of the Piscean Age, approx. 2000 AD [of which the next age would be Aquarian].  These two ages are said to overlap.  

This period would actually host and be witness to an event alluded to by several different prophets as the 'end-times'. 

The doomsday prophecies of Nostradamus tell of, as it regards before and after a long century, the condition of the immediate world as it regards its impending end.  As proof that the doomsday prophecies have a basis in reality, in the early years of the 1900s Einstein and other scientific minds actually felt that the universe was set to come to an end.  This end would come as a result of what was and is still called “The Big Rip" (our universe ripping apart) or what is called the "Big Crunch” (our universe imploding).

These concerns were so real they generated an urgent need which was filled by Einstein in the form of a cosmological constant (the reformulated lambda) whose theoretical physics were thought to be able to keep the world/universe static so as not to change any further and thereby halt an impending catastrophic event of devastating proportions.  These two scenarios in any event would represent what is illustrative of the disintegration of the universe, and this of course could easily be viewed as doomsday.  

In reality this destruction actually referenced that of the American psyche, idealized as the material universe of man, i.e., his soul/mind complex.  Later observations proved that the universe, whether in the form of a slowdown or static condition, in any event, was expanding or changing (which contradicted the physics that Einstein’s assertions employed).  Einstein removed the constant from his equations as a result calling it his greatest blunder.

The physicist, Edwin Schrodinger a colleague of Einstein’s, all but plainly states in his 1952 book Mind and Matter that it, the halting or manipulating of time, for the purpose of avoiding a doomsday scenario, i.e, the destruction of the universe, "was the prevailing religious thought" at that time.

An examination of one of the thoughts lectured by Mr. Schrodinger, whose mindset and time was in line with the mind of Einstein, reveals the reality of the pervading thought of a possible end of the universe being (its timetable) at hand and what these scientists did to forestall such an event.

In Schrodinger’s book Mind and Matter he writes, "I suppose it is this, that it meant the dethronement of time as a rigid tyrant imposed on us from outside, a liberation from the unbreakable rule of before and after.…To be allowed to play about with such a master’s programme believed unassailable until then, to play about with it albeit in a small way, seems to be a great relief, it seems to encourage the thought that the whole "timetable" is probably not quite as serious as it appears at first sight.  And this thought is a religious thought; nay I should call it the religious thought." 

Based upon the religious thought, in consideration of the above, what Schrodinger refers to as the 'master’s programme' is a coded reference to the biblical entity [the lamb or master], and being liberated from "before and after", a coded reference to the manipulation of the biblical entity's timetable (utilizing spacetime theorems?) generating movement backward [before] or forward [after], and having done so experiencing great relief in knowing that the situation was [now] not quite as serious as it appeared at first sight.  

In other words if these scientist were successful in stopping or halting a catastrophic event, such as their material universe coming to an end, then they would have also negated the final return of the biblical entity, the Armageddon end-times event, and ensuing 1,000-year rule. 

In reality an ethereal war, i.e., metaphysical or psychological, would be waged during the period of 2000 to 2011-2012 (prophesized by Nostradamus as the 27-year war of the triple anti-Christ).  This time frame corresponds to Nostradamus's unfinished 7th, 11th, and 12th centuries [years 2000 to 2011-12] in which the events of the manufacture of a new dispensation or age and accompanying messiah would occur.  

These twelve years numerically code for the afore-mentioned period of 1,000/1,200 years and their ethereal passage in a 100-year period (1905-2005).  When these years' passage are added to the astronomical Great Year or Platonic Year period of 25,800 or 26,000 years, we get the equation of 27,000 years and a new age (the mathematical secret behind Nostradamus' 27-year war).  

In a letter to his son, Cesar, Nostradamus emphasized that the mysteries [of God] were revealed by way of the planetary movements.  The seer emphasized that the mysteries of God were incomprehensible [to man].  "But bringing about such an indivisible eternity through Herculean efforts, things are revealed by the planetary movements."  In Charles Jean de Fontbrune’s work entitled Nostradamus—Countdown to Apocalypse, he footnotes here that Nostradamus is comparing his work, the twelve Centuries, to the Twelve Labours of Hercules. 

The twelve centuries of Nostradamus are said to, "not be the reckoning totality or time span counting down to the end of the world," but upon closer observation his unfinished centuries, the 7th, 11th, and 12th centuries seems to correspond to the 7th millennium or year 2000 up to the years 2011/12.  Is it possible that these numbers could also code for the afore-mentioned 1,000/1,200 years and their ethereal passing in 100 years (1905-2005) and beyond?

In Erika Cheetham’s 1973 book The Prophecies of Nostradamus, in its introduction, she states that the word ‘century’ has nothing to do with one hundred years; that it was so called because there were a hundred verses, or quatrains, in each of the books or centuries, of which Nostradamus intended to write ten, making one thousand quatrains in all.  

Ms. Cheetham goes on to say that there were indications among Nostradamus’s papers that he was considering adding an 11th and 12th Century, which seems to have been prevented by his death.  Most books translating Nostradamus' prophecies recognize 12 centuries although 7, 11 and 12 are incomplete.  She also writes that it was a commonly held theory in the Middle Ages that the world would come to an end at the beginning of the 7th millennium and that this information originated from the Book of Enoch [the 7th man born from Adam] which was removed by the Church from the Cannon in AD 300.  

Could these incomplete centuries actually reference the years 2000, 2011 and 2012 and the idea of some great expectancy set to occur in this period?

In mythology there are several ancient understandings regarding the 'ages' and their end which correspond to the above-mentioned scenerio.   One understanding involves the Hindu concept of this dynamic [highlighting a 100-year creation cycle] or what otherwise regards the idea of world ages totally 12,000 divine years [mahayuga], with 1 divine day equal to one mortal year [the 12 months of the year].  The microcosm of this 12,000-year period is 1,200 years reflecting what is the mortal length of the Hindu yuga called Kali otherwise referenced as the "Black Age".  As based upon Hindu mythology, 1,000 such ages equal what is a day called a ‘kalpa’.... "After 100 years (reflecting upon the life–span of Brahma) life is said to be exhausted…back to its divine source, from which a new creation is said to begin."

The above reflects upon the biblical ideal as stated in 2 Peter 3:8 which emphatically states to, "be not ignorant of this one thing--that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years and a thousand years as one day."  This verse and another from Psalm 90:4 which states, "For a thousand years in thy sight are but as yesterday [a day] when it is past, and as a watch in the night" actually code for the manipulation of the forward movement of time (1,000 years in either 1 day or 100 years).

Is it possible that the numbering of the centuries and quatrains of Nostradamus's  centuries [100 verses each] and quatrains [1,000 in all] actually reference this same forward movement akin to a 1,000 to 1,200 years passage in 100 years or a day being like 1,000 years [as biblically stated]?   

Another mythology concerning the inception of a new age or period regards the pantheon of Egyptian Gods said to be collectively named the Zep Tepi by the ancients.  These entities are said to have come into the mindset of man, specifically described as a 'void' or 'vacuum', for the ‘first time’ 12,000 years ago and this for the purpose of creating man's reality.  

The Zep Tepi void or vacuum spoken of in the above corresponds to that expressed by Einstein whose energy within he identified as "lambda".  Is it possible that this mythology is actually referencing Einstein's vacuum, and what are the dynamics of special relativity in generating inertia within the dark energy/dark matter area of the brain, i.e., areas of the 3rd and 4th ventricle, manufacturing a void/vacuum [3rd space dimension] in which Nostradamus's evil entity, a.k.a. the New World Order's New Messiah would traverse (see Lambda link)?

While it is understood that there is no evidence in the academic literature that shows any prophecy of Nostradamus as having ever been interpreted as actually predicting a specific event before it occurred, other than in vague, general terms that could equally apply to any number of other events, even so, the very reality of Blue Beam, i.e., the New World Order and its leader, the New Messiah as a hoax, as illustrated thus far, and as will be shown further, had not only been prophesized by Nostradamus 450 plus years ago, but also by none other than Edgar Cayce, called the sleeping prophet, whose prophecies reveal a time frame (1998-2000) and events correspondent to the Blue Beam conditioning environment which includes an electro-magnetic entity as well as dynamics inherent of several of Albert Einstein's theorems.

Unbelieveably Nostradamus's prophecies (published in 1555-59) reflect upon what would be occurring in America, 221 years before it would win its independence in 1776 and into our current time (1776 to 2011 [a period of over 235 years].   (Click back to top and Einstein link). 

Appreciation is given for citation acknowledgement of usage of the information compiled on this website:  The point of focus utilizing the Cayce and Nostradamus prophecies to reveal the true origination of the Blue Beam hoax, as well as the last origin of the blueprint of its electro-magnetic conditioning dynamics--correlative to Einstein's theorems--as spoken of by both prophets, highlighting the secrets of the spacetime passage of 1,000/1,200 years in a 100-year period of time, in which the displacement of an electro-magnetic entity into our here and now perception occurs, generating a manufactured Platonic Age's ending and New World Order.   If this information has been helpful to you, please donate!  Contact us at


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